Felix Makepeace/Felix Phoenix
Piratica Series character
First appearance Piratica
Last appearance Piratica III
Created by Tanith Lee
Alias(es) Felix Phoenix
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 18
Date of birth Unknown
Occupation Landsir
Family Adam Makepeace (father), Unknown (mother), Solomon Makepeace (uncle), unknown brothers, aunt, uncle, cousins
Spouse(s) Art Blastside
Children One unknown child
Nationality English

Felix Phoenix is a character from The Piratica Series, by Tanith Lee.


Felix' birth name was Felix Makepeace. He later changed his surname to "Phoenix".


Felix has dark blue eyes and ice blond hair. His hair used to be black, but at the tragedy that befell his family it turned white.


  • Mother: Felix's mother died of shock and grief when he was 4.
  • Father: Felix's father was Adam Makepeace. He died of heartbreak when Felix was 8.
  • Uncle: Felix' paternal uncle was Solomon Makepeace. He was murdered by the Golden Goliath and his crew.
  • Aunt, Uncle, Cousins: Felix's maternal aunt, her husband and children were aboard Solomon's trading vessel. They were murdered by the Golden Goliath and his crew.
  • Spouse: Felix marries Art Blastside after the events of Piratica.
  • Children: Felix is expecting a child as of the end of Piratica II.

Personal historyEdit


Felix spent his early childhood with his parents and brothers. His uncle Solomon Makepeace took his aunt and her family on a sea trading voyage, and they were killed by the Golden Goliath and his crew. Felix' mother died of shock and grief, and his brothers died of illness. Four years later, when Felix was eight, his father died.
Felix went to work in the county workhouse. Various people took him up for his talents-singing and drawing. He continued to do odd jobs for people until he met Art.


Felix first meets Art when she holds him up and steals his coat. She locks him in an abandoned house.
While being chased by an angry mod who thinks that Felix is the notorious Highwayman Cuckoo Jack, Felix is rescued by Art and her crew. He secretly plots to turn them in to the English authorities, but later falls in love with Art and saves her life at her hanging.

Piratica IIEdit