Metallic Love (2005) is the second novel in The S.I.L.V.E.R. Series by Tanith Lee.

As an orphan growing up in the slums, Loren read her clandestine copy of Jane's Story over and over, relishing every word. But Loren is no Jane. Savvy and street-smart, Loren could never be stirred by a man of metal, her passion never ignited by an almost-human-even one designed for pleasure. Still, when the META corporation does the unthinkable and brings back updated versions of robots past-Loren knows she must see Silver. And just like Jane, it is love at first sight. But Silver is now Verlis. If he was perfection before, he is now like a god.

Yet he is more human than his creators think-or fear. While Loren doesn't quite trust him, she will follow her twice-born lover

into a battle to control his own destiny-one that will reveal to her the most astonishing illusion of all.

Many have argued that Metallic Love is either a copy of it's prequel, The Silver Metal Lover, but in a recent article Tanith Lee has alluded to planning a larger plot involving the characters where she states "And anyone who reads all the way through (Metallic Love), sees where the third book – if ever there is a third one, (it does have a title: The Tin Man) will be going. Which is straight back to Silver, and so too straight back to Silver-and-Jane."[1]

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