Grace is green-eyed, beautiful, a psychic healer - and also a whore. She walks the streets of Black Church to make a living.

After years of horror and poverty as a brothel slave, Saul Anger was adopted into a life of ease, and now he has taken on the mantle of his dead uncle's house, as well as the leadership of a secret society who's figurehead is Anubis, the jackal god of Egypt. Dedicated to justice and retribution, this society will destroy those it deems evil. There must always be blood.

One midnight in the great clock tower of the city, a man hangs himself - and secret desires are let loose. A demon now stalks the streets and alleys, slaying the wicked and the innocent alike. But can Saul locate the source of the destruction and tame it?

Or will beautiful Grace - who has fallen in love with him - be able to stem this tide of madness and primeval terror? For, aided by the goddess Pasht and by all cats of the city, perhaps she alone can turn back the clock.

A sinister and unbelievably evil monster has come to the city. It takes the shape of a huge dog, and kills by twisting time for its victims - a woman is corrupted into a hag, and an old man into a fetus. Saul fears that his society has created this monster, and he doesn't know what to do to stop it.

Balthazar, a Jewish shopkeeper, purchases a jade statue of a cat from two ruffians. He tells Grace of a ritual that must be completed in order to save the city from destruction.