The Claidi Journals is a fantasy novel quartet by Tanith Lee, comprised of the following novels:
Law of the Wolf Tower - 1998
Wolf Star Rise - 2000
Queen of the Wolves - 2001
Wolf Wing - 2002
A collection of the first three novels was released in 2003.


Main CharactersEdit

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Claidi was raised as a slave in the House, she left with Nemian when his hot air balloon crashed. They crossed the Waste together, and after having stayed with Argul's Hulta tribe for a time, they reached Nemian's home, called the Wolf Tower.
Prince Nemian is a prince whose hot air balloon was shot down by the House Guards. He takes Claidi back with him to the Wolf Tower.
Argul is the former leader of the Hulta tribe Claidi and Nemian stay with on their way to the Wolf Tower. He gave up his position to his close friend, Blurn, in order to search for Claidi when she was kidnapped by Hrald and Yazkool.
Prince Venarion Yllar Kaslem-Idoros is a prince who usually goes by his nickname "Venn".
Ustareth is the genius mother of Argul and Venn.


The House and The Garden
The Waste
The Sheeper Town
The Featherer Town
Rain Gardens
The City of The Towers

Raven Tower

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